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DYNA AG Fix Silver Foam Dressing


Dyna AgFix Foam Hydrophilic Foam Silver Pad (Non-Adhesive) 10cmx10cm (10/Pack) has a non-adherent wound contact layer and anti-microbial silver layer. It has high absorption hydrophilic pad and bacteria-proof PU film. AgFix Foam Dressings have a soft hydrophilic pad which absorbs exudate and a silver layer which is anti-bacterial and speeds up wound healing.

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  • -Non-adherent Wound Contact Layer esure the dressing does not stick to the wound
  • -Anti-microbial silver layer kills 99.9% microbes and minimises the chances of infection
  • -Hydrophilic pad absorbs excess wound fluid reducing the risk of maceration
  • -Excellent pressure relief- ideal for diabetic, vascular and pressure ulcers

Features of AgFix Foam Dressings with Silver:

Non-adherent Wound Contact Layer

  • Ensures the dressing does not stick to the wound
  • Prevents healing tissue from growing into the dressing
  • Minimises pain and trauma to the wound when the dressing is changed

Anti-microbial silver layer

  • Rapid and sustained anti-microbial action
  • Kills 99.9% microbes and minimizes the chances of infection
  • You can read more about the effects of silver here.

High absorption hydrophilic pad

  • Excess wound fluid is transpired away from the wound bed, reducing the risk of maceration
  • Excellent pressure relief at bony prominences
  • Reduces frequency of dressing change, prevents pain to patient as well as reduces load of nursing staff

Bacteria-proof PU film

  • Delivers optimal moist wound environment for the promotion of faster healing
  • Prevents bacterial strike through
  • Excellent vapour permeability
  • Conformable and comfortable


Available in sizes 10 x 10 cm

Directions for use

  • Disinfect the wound with sterile water
  • Apply the product such that the wound contact layer comes in contact with the wound
  • Use secondary dressing to fix the foam pad in place

For which conditions can Foam Dressings be used

  • Venous and arterial leg ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Stage I-IV pressure ulcers
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns
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