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DYNA Sterizone Waterproof Wound Dressing With Silver


Anti-Microbial Silver Wound Dressing is a Water-proof, bacteria proof barrier with a transparent Polyurethane backing layer and an absorbent pad. The absorbent pad has a layer of silver. The breathable material helps prevent microbes and other external contaminants from entering the site. Silver is effective even against antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Breathable material helps prevent microbes and other external contaminants from entering the site

Dyna Sterizone Waterproof Wound Dressing With Silver
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  • - Water Proof: Allows the patient to take bath with the dressing on.
  • - Bacteria Proof Barrier: Prevents microbes and other external contaminants from entering the surgical site
  • - Patient Comfort: Breathable material prevent skin damage and conforms to the contour of the wound. The dressing does not stick to the wound as well
  • - Transparent PU Film: Allows continuous monitoring of the wound area without removing the dressing 
  • - Non-Adherent Absorbent Pad: Absorbs excess wound fluid from the wound bed reducing the risk of maceration
  • - Usage: Minimizes dressing changes when dressing is left on for few days
  • - Wound Protection: Helps in faster healing with minimal disruption to newly formed tissue on dressing removal. Also, prevents healing tissue from growing into the dressing


  • - Non-Woven Post-Operative Dressing: In Non-woven dressings, the PU Film is replaced with a Non-woven material. These are not water-proof and the wound-site cannot be examined without removing the dressing
  • - Silver Post-Operative Dressings: In Silver Post-Operative Dressings, the absorbent pad had a layer of silver filament. Silver has an anti-microbial property which accelerates healing


  • - Peel off the release paper 1 & 2
  • - Place the dressing on to the required site and smooth down the edges
  • - Remove PET backing from the top of the dressing


  • - Post-Operative Wounds
  • - Minor Cuts
  • - Lacerations
  • - Abrasions
  • - Peripheral IV Sites
  • - Vascular Access
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