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  • ASPEN Actiguard Adlo Brace...
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    The Aspen Lumbar™ Support features a simple, elegant design with the essential elements required in a spinal brace to help support fatigued muscles that spasm and cause pain. Utilizing Aspen’s foundational inelastic design, elastic qualities have been incorporated for a tailored and comfortable fit. This innovative combination, coupled with Aspen’s patented compression system, provides a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option for the active patient.

  • ASPEN Actiguard Bunion Splint
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    Reduce discomfort and pain

    Stop progression of bunion

    Correct deviation of great toe

    Improve walking pattern

    Bilateral design can be worn on right or left leg

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  • Carey's Kinesiology Tape (5M)
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    Packaging: 1 roll (5meter)

    Choose your color : KT-PINK, KT- YELLOW, KT-GREEN

  • DYNA 4LB - Multi Layer...
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    Multilayer Compression Bandaging System Is One Of The Proven Methods Of Compression Therapy In The Treatment Of Venous, Leg Ulcers And Lymphatic Disorders. It Comprises Of Four Types Of Bandages Applied One Above The Other.Convenient Way To Deal With The Indications As It Provides Consistent Compression To The Affected Area Of Application And Excellent Exudate Management With Faster Ulcer Healing.

  • DYNA Actiguard Cer-O Collar...
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  • DYNA Actiguard S - Brace...
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  • DYNA AG Fix Silver Foam...
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    Dyna AgFix Foam Hydrophilic Foam Silver Pad (Non-Adhesive) 10cmx10cm (10/Pack) has a non-adherent wound contact layer and anti-microbial silver layer. It has high absorption hydrophilic pad and bacteria-proof PU film. AgFix Foam Dressings have a soft hydrophilic pad which absorbs exudate and a silver layer which is anti-bacterial and speeds up wound healing.

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  • DYNA Ambulance Collar
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    Features :

    • single piece design helps in wearing the collar without disturbing the cervical region
    • Semi rigid material with sturdy foam limits flexion and extension movements of cervical spine
    • Anterior Tracheal Opening for tracheotomy
    • Keeps head, neck and spine in position
  • DYNA Ankle Immobilizer With...
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    Ankle Brace with lace is designed to restrict the movements of the ankle joint. Also, it supports and stabilizes the ankle joint in ankle injuries. The rigid splint, hook and loop straps and laces provide ideal ankle stabilization.

    Indication: For immobilization and stabilization of ankle joint in injuries

    Directions for Use:

    1. Apply the product in such a way that the opening comes exactly to the heel region

    2. Attach the lace hooks on the loops in a cross model

    3. Apply the hook and loop straps for extra reinforcement

  • DYNA Arm Sling Deluxe
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    Owing to the expertise of our experienced and skilled professionals, we are able to trader and export Dyna Arm Sling Deluxe. Featured with durable straps and soft inners, these slings are used to support sprained, surgically or broken operated arm in a flexion position so that it recovers faster. These products are designed and developed by our professionals utilizing premium quality fabrics, in-sync with the globally laid quality parameters. 

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  • DYNA Chest Brace With...
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    General Details :

    Chest Brace with Sternal Pad- Dyna_4Post surgery bracing your incision is very important for several reasons. Holding pressure on your incision while you are coughing, deep breathing or sneezing decreases the stress on it, which can significantly decrease the pain you feel. In addition, the support you give your incision can prevent it from pulling apart and opening, a complication which can become very serious.Chest brace with sternal support provides adequate compression so as to provides Stabilistion of fractures of sternum, Reducing the discomfort of sudden rib cage expansion during deep breathing, coughing and sneezing, Protecting and binding surgical incisions of chest.

  • DYNA Comprezone Varicose...
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    1. High wearing comfort owing to soft & highly elastic material 2. Excellent elasticity and superior air permeability make it wonderful to wear as well 3. Keep the legs dry all day due to superior air permeability 4. Long lasting : The neutral skin colour matches all clothing