DYNA Easycast Pneumatic Walker

Easycast is available in product lengths of 11″ & 17 “

Pneumatic Walker
  • 11"
  • 17"
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Apart from providing complete immobilisation they also provides a natural walking pattern which is supposed to decrease the rehabilitation time. In recent years foot and ankle fracture, sprains and strains ,which require lower limb immobilisation, have become so common a concern that patients have started seeking a more user friendly option instead of compromising on mobility and freedom of movement. Many elite sports persons, business men and celebrities have been using Pneumatic Walkers to speed up their recovery and to prevent them from being bed-ridden for many weeks.


Features and benefits of EasyCast pneumatic walker:

  • Light weight and durable shell: Provides maximum protection and support.
  • Hook and loop closures: For easy application and removal.
  • Generous foot base: Ample room for dressing without sacrificing comfort.
  • Non-skid rocker sole: Helps in pressure offloading and promotes a natural gait.
  • Collateral air cells: Provides total contact fit; Offers pneumatic compression which will reduce oedema and prevent callus formation.
  • Easy to use hand bulb: Allows custom inflation thereby providing desired compression level and accommodates for swollen ankle.
  • Detachable soft cushions: Ensure proper fit along with compression for enhanced stability.
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Shoe size Man (US) 4-7
Shoe size Women (US) 5-8
Shoe size Women (US) 8-11
Shoe size Man (US) 7-10
Shoe size Man (US) 10-13
Shoe size Women (US) 11-15
Shoe size Man (US) 13-15
Shoe size Women (US) 15-17

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