Early 2009, we starting this business as Meddina Healthcare Enterprise. At early stage, we operating using resident address as our official office. At that time, the activities only focusing to market products from local manufacturers to government hospitals and home patients. For example some of the products such as home-based needs as well as physiotherapy-related equipment.

Starting in 2019, we have expanded into MHE Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd (MHE) by maintaining the "Meddina Healthcare" brand in the digital marketplace. We are proud to be among distributors in Malaysia to have successfully obtained the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device (GDPMD) certification by Platinum Shauffmantz Veritas Sdn Bhd (PSV), a registered conformity assessment body with the Medical Device Authority of Malaysia (MDA).

We are a medical equipment supplier in Malaysia specializing in Medical Rehabilitation Supplies. These include occupational therapy and physiotherapy treatments. In addition, we also provide consultancy services to University Colleges or Private Hospitals interested in opening a "Sensory Room" treatment room. 

The service we are trying to bring is a one-stop center where our customers will be consulted and will be guided to select equipment that fits their budget and needs. We are strategic supply chain partner, providing innovative opportunities for our customers and business partners. We continue to invest in our future while steadfastly adhering to strong ethics and integrity.

We invite you to browse our official website and discover what is more than expected at www.meddina.com.my