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  • RM199.00

    BION Blood Pressure Monitor MA350f is our basic blood pressure monitor model in our Health Monitoring Series. The machine's accuracy is certified with BHS and ESH (European validation protocols). Furthermore, the machine is easy to use. Simply put on the cuff and press the power button.

  • RM299.00

    BION Commode Stationary 103 is height adjustable and designed to fit toilet bowls.

  • RM550.00

    BION Commode 103 is height adjustable and designed to fit toilet bowls. The commode is on wheels which allow patients to be pushed around.

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  • RM25.00

    This thermometer is a fast pace temperature reader that is able to process fast reading within second which will save a lot of waiting time to determine if you are sick.

  • RM190.00

    BION Finger Pulse Oximeter P100 is used to measure arterial oxygen saturation (% SpO2) of hemoglobin and pulse rate, an important indicator of your respiratory function.

  • RM280.00

    BION Heatlax heating pad is all you need after a long day of work, it just might save you from spending large amount of money for medical inspection.

  • RM1,326.00

    BION iLight Detachable Wheelchair is part of our Full-Featured Series; designed for patients. Flip-up armrests and removable leg rests allows easy patient transfer from bed to wheelchair. Removable cushion are easy to change and machine wash. Anti-tippers prevents the pushchair to tip backwards when travelling up-slope.

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  • RM1,103.30

    BION iLight Wheelchair is part of our general purpose iLight Series. Layered with cushion seats and backrest, and ankle straps, the pushchair has ample comfort for prolonged usage. The model can be easily folded and stored when not in use.

    *Please note that only ankle straps are available, in place of calf strap

  • RM1,496.00

    BION iLight Wheelchair Detactable HD is part of our Heavy Duty Series. The reinforced frame is designed to handle users of slightly higher weight requirements. With removable leg rests and flip-up armrests, the wheelchair is suitable for patient transfers. Furthermore, seat covers are easy to wipe and clean.

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  • RM190.00

    BION Non-Contact Temple Thermometer is simple, easy to use thermometer that is designed to measure body temperature through the person's temple. Most mothers use it on babies to avoid waking their babies up. Of course, adults can use it for hygiene reasons too. Object mode is also available to measure milk, bath water or other temperatures.

  • RM136.00

    It is designed for people who wants to exercise while doing other activities or can be a leg strengthener for older folks.

  • RM85.00

    BION Quad Cane is a walking stick with wide base. Good for people who requires more stability.


    • Wrist Strap
    • Broad Base
    • Comfortable Handles
    • Height Adjustable Shaft
    • Anti-slip Rubber Stopper


    • Min. Height: 72cm
    • Max. Height: 96cm
    • Weight: 0.9kg
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