List of products by brand Gymnic

  • RM1,408.00

    A.C. inflator/deflator 220/230V; It can inflate and deflate. The new revolving "handle" system allows to keep the air flow always constant, thus favoring the motor cooling (even when you inflate objects equipped with small valves). Voltage: 230 V Output: 800 l/min. Pressure: 2,7 psi Power: 750 W Box Dimension: 20.5 x 24 x 18 cm

  • RM68.00

    The Activ Roll is a small roller with soft bumps for a comfortable massage. It stimulates the blood circulation and provides a general well-being feeling for the whole body. It is great for foot and back massage, reflexology and skin-tightening exercises. Through a needle pump, you can regulate inflation and achieve the wished hardness.

  • RM248.00

    Activity Ball is a Ø 50 cm transparent ball with some multi-coloured small balls within. The ball movement fosters the inner small ball movements, stimulating the eye mobility and amplifying the product three-dimensional feature and co-ordination. The Activity Ball can be a useful tool which enforces the spatial perception and a stimulating support for the playful activity. Recommended weight: max. 120 kg – 270 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 300 kg – 660 lbs. Warning! In case of puncture the ball bursts. Please make sure that the ball is used on a surface free from pointed objects. Warning! For body weight exercise only. Lifting weights while using the product may cause injuries to the user.

  • RM109.00

    Aku Ball is similar to the Sensyball with a harder surface. This higher consistency provides a more intense sensory response. Ideal for massage, reflexology and relaxation exercises.

  • RM45.00

    The Aku Ring is a tactile, spiky and flexible ring, available in four assorted colours. Its soft spikes transmit a pleasant sensory impulse. The peculiarity of this tool makes it suitable for various activities and educational games. It is also perfect for underwater activities in the swimming pool as it sinks in water! In the wellness field Aku Ring is a valuable tool for hand and foot massage.

  • RM169.00

    Same product as the Fit-Ball, the Gymnic Arte ball has a special colour pattern. Every ball is manufactured in a different combination of colours, so it is a unique piece! Ideal for physiotherapy and fitness, it is also suitable for recreational activities thanks to its colourful feature.

  • RM68.00

    Stacking aid consisting in foldable plastic bands for Ø 55 to 75 cm fitness balls.

  • RM269.00

    This base is designed to hold the ball allowing at the same time its beneficial movement during use. Available in two sizes: “S” for Ø 45 – 55 cm balls and “M” for Ø 65 – 75 cm. In addition, ball support “M” is combinable to our item Disco Sport.

  • RM52.00

    The Beauty Reflex ball can be used in the same application field as the Reflexball, but it differs from it because of its texture. The Beauty Reflex is softer and it is conceived for a beauty massage with a lower sensory impact. The package includes 2 balls.

  • RM221.00

    Berkat lekapan panjangnya yang fleksibel, Bene-Feet Mat mewakili evolusi urutan kaki ke tahap aktif-reaktif. Urut dinamik ini mempunyai banyak kesan yang baik kerana meningkatkan peredaran darah di kaki anda; ia melonggarkan otot kaki dan merangsang kawasan refleks kaki. Produk ini terdiri daripada dua tikar, yang boleh digunakan secara berasingan atau disambungkan sebagai satu bahagian. Bene-Feet Mat mudah dicuci dengan air dan sabun neutral.

  • RM155.00

    The Body Ball is much more pliable than traditional therapy balls. This feature of extra softness provides a super touchy feeling and allows an easy grasping. For this reason, the Body Ball is an ideal multi-purpose tool, which can be used in several sectors. Highly recommended for persons with neuromuscular problems, this product helps develop sensory skills, coordination and balance.

  • RM249.00