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  • RM1,900.00

    We now have 6 of the most frequently requested Baseline® stainless steel and X-ray Goniometers in a padded carrying case.

    Set includes 1 of each:

    6” 180° ‘Robinson’ pocket goniometer

    14” 180° Stainless steel goniometer

    14” 360° Stainless steel goniometer

    6” Stainless steel finger goniometer

    8” 180° X-ray Stainless steel goinometer

    8” 180° Stainless steel goniometer

    Stainless steel goniometer are autoclavable.

    Best and latest method is by GAMMA IRRADIATION.


    Before placing goniometers for this procedure in any autoclave machine, every single

    goniometer should be packed in proper sterilization pouch which must be

    compatible with the selected procedure.