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    TENS devices are clinically proven useful in pain management for many patients . By reading this manual and carefully follow the treatment instructions given to you by your physician / clinician , you will attain the maximum benefits from your TENS device .

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    About the Lead Wire:

    1. Pair of 2 leads to connect a total of 4 electrodes

    2. Pins fit standard 2mm pigtail electrode pad connectors

    3. Compatible with most standard TENS & EMS units

    4. The lead wire is used to connect the current from the TENS device to your electrodes

    electrode leadwires

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    For distal finger joint injuries, the best position for healing is keeping the finger straight.

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    The Gymnic Plus Ball represents the technical evolution of the Gymnic Classic. Besides the usual features of elasticity and performance, this version provides a higher safety in case of puncture thanks to the Burst Resistant Quality material. For this reason it is a perfect tool for all applications in fitness, physical therapy, active seating. It has the same features as the Fit-ball, from which it differs only in the colour.

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    AEON A300 Fingertip pulse oximeter, based on all digital technology, is intended for noninvasive monitoring or spot-check measurement of Oxygen saturation and Pulse rate.

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    Urinary Catheter is perfectly designed side eyes and closed distal end for efficient drainage while with smooth painless insertion

  • DYNA Top Grip (4mtr)...
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    Compression Bandage is available in 8 cm, 10 cm & 15 cm width.

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    Dyna AgFix Foam Hydrophilic Foam Silver Pad (Non-Adhesive) 10cmx10cm (10/Pack) has a non-adherent wound contact layer and anti-microbial silver layer. It has high absorption hydrophilic pad and bacteria-proof PU film. AgFix Foam Dressings have a soft hydrophilic pad which absorbs exudate and a silver layer which is anti-bacterial and speeds up wound healing.

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    Traction Weight Bag- Dyna_2Traction refers to the set of mechanisms for strengthening broken bones, immobilisation or relieving pressure on the skeletal system. They are used to treat fractures, dislocations and long-duration muscles spasms, and to prevent or correct deformities. Traction can either be short-term-as at an accident scene or long-term- when it is used in a hospital setting.

    Dyna Tractions are designed to provide utmost immobilisation, stability, to apply force in directions not otherwise possible and to avoid common problems that patients meet with ordinary tractions.

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    Gymnic Faster Blaster Power Air Pump - Double Action pump with comfortable handle. It is ideal to inflate rapidly small and medium-sized Gymnic balls (up to 75 cm), Rody, Gyffy and Raffy. In order to inflate, please remove the plug from the product. Ball-Inflation Remove the plug from the product with a small spoon or with the metal plug. Proceed with the inflation with the pump. In order to reach the recommended diameter, an energetic inflation at intervals is required. Remove the pump and simultaneously close the hole with your finger. Take out your finger and insert the plug quickly.

  • TENA Dr.P (Box)
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    Dr. P by TENA keeping you dry and comfortable with High Speed “O” Channels and Fast Absorbing Pad.

    • Quickly and evenly distribute urine
    • Dry and comfortable feel
    • Allows adjustmemt at any area
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  • DYNA Novacast Fiber Glass...
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    Fiber Glass Casting Tape

    For most orthopedic applications in which rigid immobilisation is required, including fresh or unstable fractures.