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  • DYNA Ankle Immobilizer With...
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    Ankle Brace with lace is designed to restrict the movements of the ankle joint. Also, it supports and stabilizes the ankle joint in ankle injuries. The rigid splint, hook and loop straps and laces provide ideal ankle stabilization.

    Indication: For immobilization and stabilization of ankle joint in injuries

    Directions for Use:

    1. Apply the product in such a way that the opening comes exactly to the heel region

    2. Attach the lace hooks on the loops in a cross model

    3. Apply the hook and loop straps for extra reinforcement

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    Ligament, soft tissue and tendon injuries, As prophylaxis during sports activities & Post-operative rehabilitation

  • DYNA Sego Ankle Binder
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    Ankle binder consists of breathable elastic wrap and a compression sleeve.