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  • RM242.00

    The Multiform Set is composed by soft geometrical forms which can be used to create small structures and carry out educational activities. It is ideal to enhance the child skill of associating shapes and colours and it stimulates prehensility. The set includes 4 geometric forms (each of them in 4 colours, 16 units total).

  • RM363.00

    These thin and soft stepping discs are perfect to train children’s orientation and coordination. Supplied in a set of 12 pieces in four bright colours and including a set of white self-adhesive stickers, Educ’o’Disk is a valuable tool to teach your child left from right as well as to create many different courses! A set consists of twelve discs (3 for each colour), and 15 stickers comprising of 6 x hands (3x left / 3x right), 6 x feet (3x left / 3x right) and 3 x arrows.

  • RM61.00

    Ideal to enhance balance and proprioception, the Junior Stones can be used to play in groups and create courses by using the various item colours. One set is composed by 6 hemispheres.