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  • RM3,300.00

    MDA REGISTRATION NO. : GC6997520-40138

    Handheld Pulse Oximeter

    • Ideal for oxygen therapy assessment

    • Ideal for sleep apnea screening

    • Ideal for health management

    • Ideal for spot-check & continuous monitoring

  • Rossmax Blood Pressure X5 BT
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    RM761.00 -RM200.00 RM561.00

    MDA REGISTRATION NO. : GB39668337717

    PARR" Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

  • RM258.00

    MDA REGISTRATION NO. : GB39668337717

    Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

  • RM190.00

    BION Finger Pulse Oximeter P100 is used to measure arterial oxygen saturation (% SpO2) of hemoglobin and pulse rate, an important indicator of your respiratory function.

  • RM48.00


    Nemo Incentive Spirometer helps patients to improve their Lung function and to prevent pulmonary complications. After surgery Incentive spirometer is used to improve respiratory function and helps in recovery. NEMO Incentive Spirometer usage is recommended for patient who had a Rib fracture or injury.

  • RM190.00

    AEON A300 Fingertip pulse oximeter, based on all digital technology, is intended for noninvasive monitoring or spot-check measurement of Oxygen saturation and Pulse rate.