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    Peak Flow Meter with Color–coded indicators

  • Rossmax Thermometer HC700 BT
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    MDA REGISTRATION NO. : GB97530337917

    Non-Contact Telephoto Thermometer

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    MDA REGISTRATION NO: GB2377920-42614

    "Mobility & Dual Power" Suction Unit

  • Rossmax Suction Unit V3
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    "Smooth & Comfort" Suction Unit

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    Aluminum Transit Lightweight Wheelchair is designed for both occasional and frequent use. The 6 inch castors provides smooth ride indoors and outdoors. A half folding down backrest for easy storage/transportation. With flip up armrests and footrests it’s ideal for people transferring in or out of the chairs or cars. Its features attendant brakes on the handles which allows to reduce the speed of the chair and a pair of auto lock united brake for additional safety. A stylish designed and generous wide seat upholstery is easy to clean and maintain.

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    This thermometer is a fast pace temperature reader that is able to process fast reading within second which will save a lot of waiting time to determine if you are sick.

  • RM242.00

    The Multiform Set is composed by soft geometrical forms which can be used to create small structures and carry out educational activities. It is ideal to enhance the child skill of associating shapes and colours and it stimulates prehensility. The set includes 4 geometric forms (each of them in 4 colours, 16 units total).

  • RM363.00

    These thin and soft stepping discs are perfect to train children’s orientation and coordination. Supplied in a set of 12 pieces in four bright colours and including a set of white self-adhesive stickers, Educ’o’Disk is a valuable tool to teach your child left from right as well as to create many different courses! A set consists of twelve discs (3 for each colour), and 15 stickers comprising of 6 x hands (3x left / 3x right), 6 x feet (3x left / 3x right) and 3 x arrows.

  • RM49.00

    The Gym Ring is a set of four flexible rings supplied in four assorted colours. Great for many different motor- and recreational activities, these rings help children develop prehensile skills, reflexes and coordination. If used in water Gym Ring will float!

  • RM138.00

    With these soft small-sized disks, you can create new games. Disc’o’Bocce is a multi-functional toy which allows many playful activities including bowls. As an educational toy, it is perfect for colour matching. Disc’o’Bocce can also be used to create play courses to help develop balance and mobility. Each set includes 9 disks.

  • RM82.00

    The Multiactiv Stones is a set of six hemispheres with small bumps on their surface. Used as stepping stones, the product is ideal to develop children’s balance and proprioception. Thanks to the assorted colours, it is perfect to set up balance paths! As each stone is equipped with a plug at the base, you can fill the product with water in order to achieve a greater stability. Moreover, you can insert a standard pole (diameter 2.5 cm – 1 in) in the dedicated upper hole for more challenging activities! If you need to make it unstable, use the product upside down.