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    Anatomically contoured rigid palmar stays for better support

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    Dyna Thumb Spica Splint immobilizes the thumb and wrist while allowing other fingers to move. It is used to provide support for thumb injuries, fractures, thumb sprains, post operative use and post removal of casts of the thumb/hand. It is a convenient device designed to keep the thumb in functional position.

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    Owing to the expertise of our experienced and skilled professionals, we are able to trader and export Dyna Arm Sling Deluxe. Featured with durable straps and soft inners, these slings are used to support sprained, surgically or broken operated arm in a flexion position so that it recovers faster. These products are designed and developed by our professionals utilizing premium quality fabrics, in-sync with the globally laid quality parameters. 

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    Light weight polyurethane foam in a stockinette with plastic fastening ties. It is used as a traditional sling to provide effective support without the need for additional padding. A "sling with tie" or "cuff or collar" hold the arm across and up in the front of chest. They are effective forearm, humorous and hand fracture for support and relief.

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    Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis is inflammation and tearing in the tendons that support the elbow This is normally seen in tennis players and hence it got the name. In tennis elbow, the tendons that stretch from the muscles in the forearm to the bony prominence on the elbow develop tiny tears or become swollen due to the repetitive wrist and arm movements. It is caused due to poor technique when executing a backhand maneuver while playing. Tennis Elbow Brace provides optimal support for tennis injuries and assures proper fit and comfort before, during and after the big game.