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  • DYNA Sego Maternity Binder
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    Sego maternity binder provides support to the abdomen and helps alleviate lower back pain due to pregnancy by supporting the lumbar and abdominal regions.

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    Anatomically contoured rigid palmar stays for better support

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    Shoulder injuries can happen while you are playing sports, have an accidental fall, and even from overuse. If you have a pain in your shoulder, start by resting and immobilizing your shoulder with a brace or sling.

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    The Elnova Surgical Lumbo Sacral Corset is designed to provides relief and comfort to the patients having intervertebral disc related problems and as a non-invasive solution to lower back pain.

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    Actifeet prevents vein related problems by squeezing the superficial veins and improves blood circulation. Thua ACTIFEET prevents leg fatigue, Spider Veins, Varicose Vein and other vein related problems. Silver in ACTIFEET kills bacteria and keep the legs infection free, smell free and itch free.

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    Dyna Thumb Spica Splint immobilizes the thumb and wrist while allowing other fingers to move. It is used to provide support for thumb injuries, fractures, thumb sprains, post operative use and post removal of casts of the thumb/hand. It is a convenient device designed to keep the thumb in functional position.

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    The Aspen Lumbar™ Support features a simple, elegant design with the essential elements required in a spinal brace to help support fatigued muscles that spasm and cause pain. Utilizing Aspen’s foundational inelastic design, elastic qualities have been incorporated for a tailored and comfortable fit. This innovative combination, coupled with Aspen’s patented compression system, provides a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option for the active patient.

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    Sego Abdominal Corset can also be used as a post delivery and post operative aid to strengthen weakened abdominal walls

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    Light weight polyurethane foam in a stockinette with plastic fastening ties. It is used as a traditional sling to provide effective support without the need for additional padding. A "sling with tie" or "cuff or collar" hold the arm across and up in the front of chest. They are effective forearm, humorous and hand fracture for support and relief.

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    The TheraBand First Step to Foot Relief, an at-home treatment solution for heel pain, combines stretching, massage and cold therapy to effectively help rehabilitate feet. The package includes a TheraBand Foot Roller, a Red Latex TheraBand Professional Resistance Band, a patient instruction booklet and Biofreeze Pain Relieving Roll-On. The patient instruction booklet illustrates stretches, massage techniques and step-by-step band exercises that guide patients through their at-home treatment plan.

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    Diafeet is a Metabolic disorder which affects major organs like eyes, kidney, heart and our feet. Because of narrowing blood vessels in Diabetic patient's feet, there is poor blood supply to feet which causes poor supply of nutrition and drynes in the feet. Because of dryness, the nerves in the feet are being affected, leading to numbness of feet and callus formation.

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    Easycast is available in product lengths of 11″ & 17 “

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