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    MTR+ Dolito (TENS)

    The Dolito is an inexpensive digital TENS unit for pain management that contains programs with continuous, modulated, burst- or Han-mode. One program is also suitable for muscle stimulation and another one can be customized according to individual wishes. The Dolito includes a therapy-memory that summarizes the time the patient has used the device, and indicates the average intensity used on each channel.

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    MTR+ Rehalito (EMS)

    Rehalito is an inexpensive digital EMS-device for rehabilitative muscle stimulation with an additional pain-program according to Prof. Han. One 5-phase custom-program can be individually designed. Rehalito has a therapy-memory that stores the summarized treatment time as well as the average used intensity per channel.

    Rehalito is designed to:

    • Increase and strengthening of weakened and /or healthy muscles

    • Increase in muscle endurance

    • Prevention or delay of muscle degradation (atrophy) as a result of injury

    • Maintain and increase range of motion

    • Improved blood flow to the muscles

    • Faster muscle recovery after exercise

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    MTR+ Myolito...

    Myolito combines three kind of therapies in one device.

    For the treatment of pain, four different operating modes can be used:

    • Continuous flow of current

    • Modulated pulses

    • Burst mode

    • Han mode

    For the rehabilitative training of muscles there are programs included that allow either targeted muscle growth and invigoration or that may serve for relaxation and detoxification. Muscle imbalances can be prevented and regeneration processes are accelerated.

    The incontinence therapy includes treatments for both stress and urge incontinence as well as for faecal incontinence. Mixed incontinence can be treated easily with individually designed different phases in the custom program.

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    FabStim® self-adhesive TENS...

    Self-adhesive electrodes are both economical and functional. FabStim® electrodes are made of high quality Tyco gel and cloth.

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    PALS® Electrodes

    PALS® patented conductive cloth neuro stimulation electrodes provide the ultimate in flexibility and conformity to ensure optimal current distribution.