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    BION iLight Wheelchair...


    BION iLight Wheelchair Detactable HD is part of our Heavy Duty Series. The reinforced frame is designed to handle users of slightly higher weight requirements. With removable leg rests and flip-up armrests, the wheelchair is suitable for patient transfers. Furthermore, seat covers are easy to wipe and clean.

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    ANI Wheelchairs Lightweight...

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    IM Steel Recliner...


    Recline wheelchairs are designed to allow the user to recline comfortably at incremental angle positions, without exerting so much energy. These types of chairs offer a change in positioning, allowing the user to open the seat to back angle, which is a lot more comfortable than a conventional seating system. Long-term seating can be painful without the right type of equipment, recliners allow the user to experience a comfort level not seen with conventional chairs. A reclined chair can be angled so that the seat is parallel with a bed.

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    IM Light Weight Flip Up...


    Aluminium Lightweight Frame

    Seating: Padded Canvas

    18" Seat Width

    6” Solid Front Castor

    12” MAG Rear Wheel with PU Tire

    Aluminium Footplate

    Flip-up Footrest

    Fixed armrest

    Come with Seat Belt

    Maximum Capacity: 100kg

    Net Weight: 9kg

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    BION Commode Stationary 103


    BION Commode Stationary 103 is height adjustable and designed to fit toilet bowls.

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    BION Commode w Wheels 103


    BION Commode 103 is height adjustable and designed to fit toilet bowls. The commode is on wheels which allow patients to be pushed around.

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    BION iLight Detachable...


    BION iLight Detachable Wheelchair is part of our Full-Featured Series; designed for patients. Flip-up armrests and removable leg rests allows easy patient transfer from bed to wheelchair. Removable cushion are easy to change and machine wash. Anti-tippers prevents the pushchair to tip backwards when travelling up-slope.

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    BION iLight Wheelchair


    BION iLight Wheelchair is part of our general purpose iLight Series. Layered with cushion seats and backrest, and ankle straps, the pushchair has ample comfort for prolonged usage. The model can be easily folded and stored when not in use.

    *Please note that only ankle straps are available, in place of calf strap

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    Felco Chromed Steel...


    Function : 


    Specification : 

    Chromed Steel Frame

    100KG Weight Capacity

    Fixed Armrest

    Fixed Footrest

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  • Meddina Light Weight...
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    Meddina Light Weight...



    Product Features:

    Aluminium Frame

    Detachable Armrest

    Detachable & Elevating Footrest

    Reclining High Back

    Front : 8” Solid Castor

    Rear : 24″ PU Puncture Free Spoke Wheel

    Plastic hand rim

    Seat width : 14” or 16” or 18”

    Upholstry : Fabric