Inflatable Ball Exercise

Inflatable Ball Exercise

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  • RM180.00

    The Gymnic Plus Ball represents the technical evolution of the Gymnic Classic. Besides the usual features of elasticity and performance, this version provides a higher safety in case of puncture thanks to the Burst Resistant Quality material. For this reason it is a perfect tool for all applications in fitness, physical therapy, active seating. It has the same features as the Fit-ball, from which it differs only in the colour.

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  • RM97.00

    Designed as the smaller version of the Gymnic Classic ball, it has the same technical features. This size is ideal for pediatric physiotherapy and specific rehabilitation exercises. Also suitable for playful activities.

  • RM108.00

    The Sportball is a great product to enhance reflexes and coordination. It is successfully used as a training tool for handball, volleyball and football. Included in many motor activity programs, it is particularly recommended to tone up arms and legs as well as to improve pelvic mobility.

  • RM66.00

    The soft play ball range, Thanks to a good compromise between softness and consistency, is suggested as a valuable support both for recreational activities and low-impact team training.

  • RM60.00

    Our Fantyball is a super soft and resistant ball, very easy to grip and pleasant to touch. Its high bouncing capacity makes it suitable for many fun activities with toddlers and young kids. Fantyball is available in three different sizes.