DYNA Sego Maternity Binder


Sego maternity binder provides support to the abdomen and helps alleviate lower back pain due to pregnancy by supporting the lumbar and abdominal regions.

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General Details :

Single piece design for easy application and removal tightness can be adjusted for comfort throughout the day.
Gently reduces pressure upon the lower back while providing extra support underneath to help cradle the belly.
Made of soft foam with hook and loop closure for maximum comfort.

Technical details :

Supports the belly without pressure on the baby and the growth process
Keeps the vertebrae in rigid position
Eases lower back pain and discomfort during pregnancy
Can adjust to accommodate growth during various stages of pregnancy

Variations :

Available in universal size (For abdominal circumference of 82 – 120 cm)
Directions for use :

Apply the product on the lower part of tummy.
Adjust the hook and loop closure neither too loose not too tight.

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