DYNA Industrial Lumbar Belt


The back support is designed to relieve back pain, aches and pains, swelling of the muscles, ligaments, joints, lower back, vertebrae of LUMBO and SACRAL, which are caused by abnormal movements.

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MDA Registration No: GA10466519-30065

Features :

Made of high elastic (high quality elastomer) with contour fit at he lumbo sacral region
2 semi rigid posterior bars for rigidity and to prevent exaggerated movements
2 shoulder straps for suspension and maintaining the position
Ideal for labourers in jobs involving frequent or heavy lifting, carrying, pulling and bending
The waist has a pad that does not move the wrong posture.
Two level adjustable straps.
Sizes :

Small: 70-80 cm (measure hip length in centimeters)
Medium: 80-90 cm (measure hip length in centimeters)
Large: 90-100 cm (measure hip length in centimeters)
X-Large: 100-110 cm (measure hip length in centimeters)

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