DYNA Rom Knee Brace (LMKB) – Short


Limited Motion Knee Brace (ROM Brace) is a highly user – friendly knee brace for the step by step recovery of the knee. After a knee surgery, the leg needs to be completely immobilized for few days. After that, the leg is gradually allowed to move in a small range.

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MDA Registration No: GMD57613683718A

The Limited Motion Knee Brace (ROM Brace) has a flexion – extension setter which can be fixed easily as per the recommendations of the Doctor and requirement of the patient.

Limited Motion Knee Brace (ROM Brace) controls and restricts degree of flexion of the knee joint through flexion – extension setter to allow range of motion or immobilization to the knee.

Size – One size fits most (for knee circumference of 32 – 49 cm)

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