DYNA Cast Protector


The Dyna Cast Protector is completely waterproof and keeps your cast and bandages dry

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The Dyna Cast Protector is completely waterproof and keeps your cast and bandages dry.

While wearing a POP cast, the traditional practice is to refrain from all water based activities because it is very difficult to protect the cast from water or moisture. If moisture enters the cast, it could lead to skin infections, rashes and itching.

However, this is difficult to do in hot and humid weather especially since a cast may have to be worn for 4-6 weeks. The Dyna Cast Protector allows you to bath even while your foot is in a cast.

Keeps cast, bandage and dressing dry during showering
Special water tight design allows to take bath without letting the cast getting wet
Prevents infection from moisture exposure
Needs no assistance; the patient himself can apply the product easily
Available in different sizes to suit different needs depending on the location of the cast
When can I use the Dyna Cast Protector

The main use of the Cast Protector is as a Water-proof protection when wearing a POP cast for fractures
Wearers of varicose vein stockings can also use the Cast Protector to avoid having to take off the stockings each time they go to the bathroom
Instructions for Use

The Cast Protector consists of a hard plastic ring with a synthetic rubber diaphragm and a soft plastic sleeve.
The patient can pass the limb with the case through the diaphragm into the plastic sleeve
The diaphragm will prevent entry of water into the sleeve

Adult hand, adult short arm, adult wide short arm, adult long arm, adult foot and ankle, adult short leg

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