Weplay Wavy Tactile Path (Blue)


Wavy Tactile Path can be arranged as paths with curved and straight lines. With the wavy surface design, users need to keep balance while walking on the surface in different directions and heights. Tactile patterns on the path not only offer tactile experience but also provide extra safety.


 Product Feature

  1. The tactile pattern is molded through the entire product, acting as a tactile surface on the top and anti-slip grip on the bottom.
  2. The protruding textures on the top stimulate children’s soles and help physical development.
  3. Design of Wavy Tactile Path is well thought out which continuously challenges the user. The path is designed to go up/down and left/right to help users maintain and develop better balance.
  4. Stackable for easy storage.
  5. The arc-shaped gradient path allows the users to stretch the arches of their feet.
  6. The paths can be connected to create as a straight, curvy, or circular path.
  7. Among all the Weplay products, Wavy Tactile Path has won the most design awards around the world.

 Play Value

  1. With only a single piece of the path, users can practice moving their center of gravity by going up and supporting their bodies by going down.
  2. Users experience changes in their center of gravity and keep balance while walking on the path.
  3. The dots and lines patterns on the surface provide users with tactile sensations on the soles of their feet.
  4. This set is non-directional and can be arranged into curvy or linear routes to provide children with multiple ways of playing. The wavy slopes are ergonomically designed to aid balance, movement, coordination and tactile perception.


  • Components:
    • Light blue x 4
    • Blue x 4
    • Carrying Bag x 1
  • Dimensions: 66.3 x 19 x 11.4 cm (L x W x H)
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 69 × 22 × 31 cm


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