Weplay Squeezer


Weplay Squeezer comes with 2 sets of 3 different rings. The size is designed to fit into the palm of a hand. Each color piece has a different resistance to help build finger strength and stimulate fingertips. The Squeezers strengthen the muscles of the hands and wrist by holding, squeezing and twisting the Squeezer.


 Product Feature
  1. Weplay Squeezer includes three levels of resistance in different colors.
  2. The surface is designed with tactile dots which enhances the sense of touch.
  3. Three levels of resistance allow users to progressively strengthen their grip and the muscles in their hands and wrists.
 Play Value
  1. Users can strengthen hand and wrist muscles by holding, squeezing and twisting Weplay Squeezer.
  2. Regularly using Weplay Squeezer can improve the flexibility of the wrist and hand joints.
  3. The tactile dots stimulate the user’s hands and improve the user’s circulation while using Squeezer.
  4. Improve flexibility of the wrist joints.
  5. Stimulate fingertips and improve circulation.
  • Components: Wepaly Squeezer x 6 (yellow x 2, green x 2, blue x 2)
  • Dimension: Ø 6.5 cm, thickness 1.3 cm
  • Material: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 7 cm


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