Weplay Rainbow River Stones


Inspired by the happiness of jumping over the stones by the river, the product offers fun activities with the colorful components. Rainbow River Stones are stackable for different heights. Anti-slip tactile patterns provide sensory experiences while ensuring safety. Motor skills and balance coordination are enhanced through playing.


 Product Feature

  1. Rainbow River Stones include three different sizes. Set designed for multiple freestyle route designs.
  2. Each size of stone has a different slope. Stack the stones in different angles to create a different slope or use the stones individually to create various challenges for children.
  3. The dotted, lined and circular patterns on surfaces provide different tactile experiences.
  4. Created to give slight elasticity in the middle when children jump from one stone to another.
  5. Anti-slip surface and bottom edge offer the best stability and safety.
  6. Easy storage with a hand-carry bag.

 Play Value

  1. Enhance motor skills and balance coordination while still having fun.
  2. Give tactile experience by sole stimulation when playing it barefoot.
  3. Enrich action-planning skills when arranging the play routes.
  4. Improve self-confidence, reaction capability and learning ability via challenges.
  5. Help children adapt to different environments.
  6. Users can exercise lower body muscles and balance skills while having fun.
  7. The River Stones offer tactile stimulation to users’ soles when playing barefoot.
  8. Users can practice their action planning skills when walking along with different placements.
  9. Activities with Rainbow River Stones could improve self-confidence and reaction capability.


  • Components:
    • Red River Stone (L) x 2
    • Green River Stone (M) x 2
    • Yellow River Stone (S) x 2
    • Carrying Bag x 1
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 42 × 41 × 21 cm


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