Fovac FS258 Disinfectant Sanitizer


FOVAC FS258 Disinfectant Sanitizer Liquid Spray (500ml) – Compliance with WHO, EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), and TSA. FOVAC® FS 258 Disinfectant Sanitizer is a sterile liquid specially made to sanitize, clean and disinfect hands, surfaces and equipment found in cleanroom areas, common areas, hospitals, kitchen, bathroom and within pharmaceutical facilities such as filling and fill finish equipment. FOVAC® FS 258 can be used with bioreactors and fermentation equipment within biotechnology and medical device facilities or anywhere where the use of a sterile, non-pyrogenic solution is required.

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FOVAC® FS 258 contains a high 78.5% alcohol content and boosted with 0.5% antimicrobial agent that effectively destroy microorganisms and disinfecting surfaces to kill the followings Virus, Bacteria, Germs, Fungi, Yeast, Amoebas and more. Your Trusted Brand Partner!