MTR+ Rehalito (EMS)


Rehalito is an inexpensive digital EMS-device for rehabilitative muscle stimulation with an additional pain-program according to Prof. Han. One 5-phase custom-program can be individually designed. Rehalito has a therapy-memory that stores the summarized treatment time as well as the average used intensity per channel.

Rehalito is designed to:

Increase and strengthening of weakened and /or healthy muscles

Increase in muscle endurance

Prevention or delay of muscle degradation (atrophy) as a result of injury

Maintain and increase range of motion

Improved blood flow to the muscles

Faster muscle recovery after exercise

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5 programs including 1 fully customizable 5 phase program

Dual channel

Timer and milliamps displayed on the LCD screen

Custom program treatment times from 1 minute to 10 hours

Records time in use and average intensity for each channel

High safety level to protect the user

CE 0123