DYNA DVT-18 Above Knee Length (AG) Anti-Embolism Stockings



What is DVT?

DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis. Deep Veins are those deep inside the leg as opposed to Superficial Veins which are closer to the skin’s surface. A thrombus is a clot in the blood. Once a clot is formed, it may travel through the veins and reach the lungs. This can result in a fatal pulmonary embolism.

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Clot formation is likely if the blood is stagnant. This happens in long surgeries (more than 30 minutes) where the patient is immobile for a long time.

How do Anti-Embolism Stockings help

Anti-embolism stockings provide a mechanical pumping action and assist in forcing the blood through the veins. This reduces the possibility of clot formation.


Why DVT-18 Anti-Embolism Stockings?

DVT-18 Anti-Embolism Stockings are the largest selling AE Stockings in India today. They are made to European standards using European machinery and imported yarn. DVT-18 Anti-Embolism Stockings ensure ACCURATE and GRADUATED compression.

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