Lohmann & Rauscher tg® Tubular Bandage


Ideal as the first layer next to the skin in multi-layer compression bandaging. Lightweight and breathable, the absorbent close-meshed, seamlessly knitted tubular bandage does not slip but remains firmly in position without cutting in.

tg Tubular Bandage stretches widthwise approximately four times its original width and by pulling lengthwise can be narrowed down again.

Conforms comfortably to body contours, thus provides crease-free application.

tg Tubular is also useful for enclosing foam padding structures, securring dressings or over zinc paste bandages.

Registered Under Act 737. MDA Reg. No:GMD85877517418A

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This multifunctional tubular bandage is used for a wide variety of applications. It is used to retain wound dressings and padding material, as well as to protect the skin under plaster and synthetic casts and compression bandages. In dermatological indications, it can also be used as protection in ointment therapy. Its versatility make it also economically appealing.

Its pronounced elasticity and seamless construction ensure a comfortable fit, which is maintained even with constant motion with virtually no creasing, regardless where the tubular bandage is applied for protection.

Fields of application

skin protection under plaster and synthetic casts for fixation of wound dressings to tricky parts of the body (head, torso, fingers, limbs) for fixation of padding material and wound dressings


  • seamless knit
  • skin-friendly
  • made from fine yarns
  • stretches widthwise
  • does virtually not crease when applied
  • air-permeable
  • white

Product composition

67 % cotton (bleached), 33 % backing fabric: skin-coloured, viscose

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