DYNA Tubifix (10mtr) Tubular Bandage

Provide even and consistent pressure, Prevents slipping down in joints, Allows full freedom of movement and saves nursing time.

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MDA Registration No: GMD15507545618A


Tubifix has been specially knitted from 100% cotton in tubular form.
Elasticated rubber threads are inlaid thereby ensuring an even and consistent pressure to the treatment area.
Tubular design, no tying and taping required.
Tubifix offers consistent compression and prevents fluid accumulation.
Ideal for difficult to dress joints.
Used for orthopaedic, plastic surgery and gynaecology conditions.
Directions for use
Measure the affected body part and select the appropriate size
In joint applications, measure 5 cm above and below the joint in order to ensure the correct length selection
Depending on the pressure required, the number of folds can be increased to two or more
In skin grafting cases, apply the bandage using applicator in order to avoid bruising of the sensitive skin
Control of joint effusions, muscle cramps, post plaster cases, burn scarring, skin grafting, pregnancy varicoses and for other general support bandaging.

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