DYNA Top Grip (4mtr) Compression Bandage

Compression Bandage is available in 8 cm, 10 cm & 15 cm width.

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MDA Registration No: GMD46288636118A
TopGrip Compression Bandage has the following features:
300% extensibility: Offers graduated compression
100% elasticity: Reinforces the compression
Conforms to body contour: Will not become loose even when the swelling subsides
It is most commonly used to control oedema and reduce swelling in the treatment of venous or lymphatic disorders. Superior stretching properties and excellent regainability ensures consistent and controlled compression. Topgrip is highly conformable to body contours. Provides an even and consistent compression throughout the wear time, even after washing, making it an extremely reliable and cost-effective. Easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Compression Bandage is available in 8 cm, 10 cm & 15 cm width

Directions for use
Apply the compression bandage in a spiral fashion at 50% extension and 50% overlap.

Orthopaedic conditions : Joint Effusion , Arthritis ,severe sprain and strain
Phlebological conditions: Venous disorder
Conditions such as leg ulcers, Phlebitis and dermatologic problems in legs with venous stasis are all treated with bandages. The legs are bandaged until such time as the swelling has been bought under control.

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