TENA Wet Wipes


These 3-in-1 soft and thick wipes are pre-moistened to cleanse, restore and protect in one simple step.

  • Versatile skincare
  • No rinsing required
  • Practical and convenient


Tena Wet Wipes 3-in-1 soft and thick wipes are pre-moistened to cleanse, restore and protect in one simple step. Not only that, Pre-moistened wiper appropriate for the whole body and perinea care for everyday pad change (for not too heavy soiling). Tena Wet Wipe is an alcohol free wipe that is soft and gentle to the skin. The larger sized wiper are also thicker, to better cleanse and freshen up the skin.

Benefits of using Tena Wet Wipes

  • Versatile skincare – Primarily used for frequent perineal skin care when changing absorbent products for your loved one. Not only that, it can also be used for full body cleansing, when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin.
  • No rinsing required – No rinsing or drying is required after using this convenient pre-moistened wipe.
  • Practical and convenient – Unfolded for easy use. Extra soft, and thick for everyday cleansing and incontinence care. Moreover, the One-handed dispensing through a wide opening allows quick access and a closable plastic lid maintains freshness of the wipes.
  • Hygienic cleansing – ‘Clean touch’ system avoids the risk of touching the next wipe in the pack to minimize the risk of cross infection. As a result, These disposable wet wipes eliminate the risk of cross infection from reusable wash cloths.
  • Supports healthy skin – Helps to maintain skin’s natural pH. Dermatologically tested. Alcohol-free and soap-free.
  • Mildly perfumed – Helps to leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and free from incontinence-related odours.

Suitable for:

Sensitive Skin

Caution of Tena Wet Wipes

For external use only. Subsequently close seal immediately and tightly after use to keep the wet wipes moist.

Direction For Use:

Peel the re-sealable opening and pull out the wet wipe 1 piece in every pull. After that, Re-seal to prevent the product from drying.

Ingredient / Content:

Purified water, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 20, cetylpridinium cholride, citric acid.

How To Use:

Open front reseable sticker. Re-seal fater use to prevent from drying.

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