Mobiderm System Bandage


Mobiderm® is composed of foam blocks encased in a soft adherent webbing, which creates a pressure differential between the supporting zone and the surrounding area. Combined with muscle volume variations, triggers a shear effect in the subcutaneous tissues concerned

Width x Length: 10cm x 3M

Cube Size: 15mm x 15mm

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A unique active bandaging system for the treatment of oedema of all origins. At every stage in the treatment of oedema, Mobiderm helps rapidly reduce its volume and soften the tissues. The system is quick and easy to apply, saving time and giving greater autonomy

What is Mobiderm?
Mobiderm is a complete care system used for the treatment of oedema (swelling) It has been designed to be used for Lymphoedema but works on all forms of oedema. This could be from trauma or post operation.

Works by
1. Stimulating the lymphatic vessels to remove the lymphatic load.

2. Reduces rebound by activating the initial lymphatic vessels

3.Reduces filtration

4. Softens fibrosis

1. Easy to Use

2. Highly Adaptable

3. Faster Reduction

4.Easier to move – lighter to wear

5. Reusable – Washable

6. Less is More Effect

7. Patient autonomy (easier to self bandage )

8. Cost Effective

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