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Personalising Your Healthcare Solutions

MEDDINA HEALTHCARE is one of the best Medical Equipment Supplier in Malaysia with PSV certification. We take pride in providing the best to our customers.


Most Recommended Medical Equipment Supplier in Malaysia

As one of the leading Medical Equipment Supplier in Malaysia, Company Name guaranteed the best price for you.


Biggest Medical Equipment Online Store in Malaysia

From rehabilitation equipment to home-based medical medical needs, we are making it easier to access the best healthcare when you need it.

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Risiko dan Rawatan Vena Varikos

Apakah Vena Varikos? Vena varikos ataupun varicose vein adalah pembuluh darah vena yang membengkak, membesar,…

Kepentingan Pulse Oximeter di rumah

Apa Itu Pulse Oximeter? Pulse Oximeter ialah alat pengukur paras oksigen dalam darah kita. Alat…

Jenis Thermometer

Apa itu termometer ? Termometer adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengukur suhu. Prinsip kerja termometer…

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