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Meddina Healthcare was incorporated on  6 November 2009 and has been actively involved in the field of marketing, supplying and distribution range of high quality medical consumable & disposable items, medical devices & equipment, healthcare and  rehabilitation products as well as safety & emergency products and providing related product training to the customers. We specialized in providing professional services and supplying medical and healthcare products to medical institutions and organizations such as government and university hospitals, laboratories, health centers, state medical stores, privately owned hospitals, medical centers, general practitioners, dental clinics, wholesale and retail dealers and pharmacies in Malaysia.

Chief Executive Officer ; Natijah
Chief Finance Officer; Kartini
Chief Finance Officer; Kartini

At Meddina Healthcare, we believed that our success is dependent on its very core assets – the people that manage the business and its operations. Equipped with a team of competent and dynamic marketing executives, product specialists, managers, and group of technicians/engineers, we have the capability to provide quality management skills, marketing and technical support to our customers. Our marketing services are structured to secure nationwide coverage. Our motto is to provide and delivery an innovative, quality, trusted products and services to our customers. We aim to achieve a successful business relationship with our customers, as at the same time benefiting our staffs and shareholders on a long-term basis.

Meddina's Dedicated Staff
Meddina’s Dedicated Staff